Welcome to JOKER TOKEN

Unleash the crypto MADNESS !!

CA: 0x57C58c724460f10BD75fFaC248C2621818C086D5


Our pro team has delivered many successful tokens with more than 100X each.


Our CA is 100% safe, Audited and it will be renounced after the launch immediately to ensure more security.


Daily trends will be delivered in many DEX platforms in addition to BOTs in telegram to attract many investors.


Huge centralized platforms listing will be applied in the first week, T1 & T2 CEX platforms which helps us to enlarge our community.


With our big connections, many big partners, callers, and influencers will be aside of our pro team to deliver the maximum support.

EASY 1000X

With our low initial market cap, and the huge marketing, it will be an easy 1000X to all holders.

Total Supply:  420,000,000,000,000,000 JOKER.

Presale: 60.71% Liquidity: 29.41% CEX Locked: 9.88%

Tax:  5% (Buy/Sell) Marketing.

Our Road MAP

A huge token as JOKER, requires a pro, and a huge ROAD MAP to ensure the maximum profit to all holders.



✅ Market Research: Understand the target audience, market trends, and potential competitors. ✅ Creating social media channels and set up our marketing strategy. ✅ Developing JOKER's White Paper. ✅ Developing JOKER's smart contract and ensure the maximum security. ✅ Strategic partnerships that align with the goals of JOKER. ✅ Creating our first contract's AUDIT, for safer user's experience. ✅ PinkSale Presale (24-JAN-2024)


Launch and Post-Launch

✅ PanCake Swap Launch (24-JAN-2024) ✅Community Growth & engaging with AMAs, contests, and other plans. ✅Collaborating with big partners, influencers to help growing organically. ✅Initiating our big marketing campaigns in many crypto markets. ✅CMC Listing. ✅DEX Platforms trending. - + 5,000 Holders.


Growing & Empowering

✅ Applying for T2 centralized exchanges (CEX) listing. ✅ Getting listed on T2 centralized exchanges (CEX) platform. ✅ Initiating our next big marketing campaigns regarding T2 CEX listing. ✅ Applying for T1 centralized exchanges (CEX) listing. - Getting listed on T1 centralized exchanges (CEX) platform. - Organizing more community events, and giveaways to enhance the holders' experience. + 10,000 Holders.


Going Globally 

- Applying for another T1 centralized exchanges (CEX) listing. -Establishing localized communities and language-specific communication channels. - Collaborating with global influencers, media outlets, and industry associations to build trust and credibility. - Continuously improve user experience and optimize the token's utility to attract a broader user base. + 20,000 holders.

Our Partners